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Saturday, 24. June 2023

CALANEYA | Fun With Odd Numbers
10:00 – 11:45 | 01CA | Intermediate

Let’s think outside the box (or rather outside the classic FCBD Style vocabulary) and add a new dimension to your group improv! There are many possibilities to create original shapes, formations and transitions in trios and quintets – a great way to play around with your group and surprise your audience. Prerequisites: Basic knowledge of FatChanceBellyDance Style level 1-2 steps.

MICHAELA MAB | Technique Deep Dive
12:00 – 13:45 | 01MM | Open

Layer by layer, we’ll peel back the building elements of our favorite fusion bellydance movements and devote time to practice the technique of each building stone. We’ll finetune our muscle memory and build the complex movement back up with a stronger foundation and renewed awareness of the interplay between our body parts and our intentions.

RACHAEL REDFERN | Dark Vintage Choreo
14:00 – 15:45 | 01RR | Open

Learn to channel the poise of the vamp vixens of yesteryear for a dramatic expression of Fusion Bellydance designed to ensnare your audience! Taking inspiration from the silent screen sirens and Hollywood femme fatales of the 1920s alongside the glamour of Egyptian Bellydance’s Golden Era, this workshop will combine their captivating aesthetic with classic yet innovative fusion bellydance technique for an intoxicating mix that makes up Rachael’s signature style. We will look at presentation, projection and use of gaze as well as beautiful postcard poses and clean lines all wrapped up in clear, precise technique. You’ll walk away with a beautiful choreography that epitomizes this glamorous, elegant and dramatic presentation to inspire your own dancing.

16:00 – 17:45 | 01VV | Open

Something old, something new…something borrowed and something…. Purple! After a short overview about sword positions and transitions we will dive into the magic of sword dance and beside something old, something borrowed, explore some brand new and exclusive moves that will enrich your group improv as well as your solo or fusion repertoire. You will need a balanced dance sword and a lot of fun! Basic knowledge of FatChanceBellyDance Style is beneficial but not necessary.

Sunday, 25. June 2023

DORO DECADANCE | Dumbledore’s Upside Down
10:00 – 11:45 | 02DD | Open

Step into a mirror world, at the first glance the same as ours, but in a strange, unsettling, dark way also not quite the same. Dumbledore’s Army newest adventure leads to the world of Stranger Things and places us smack in the middle of a battle between good and evil! Your superhero – dancepowers will be trained, your courage and skills will be tested and the power of true friendship and community will be required to come out unscathed and win the battle! Epic drama balanced with epic fun times, fusion bellydance with 80s disco, skillful technique with imaginative storytelling. We will learn parts of the newest Dumbledore’s Army choreography and practice it together to be ready in case a portal to the Upside Down opens at the Oasis of Dreams on Sunday and calls us into action. Please bring some 80ties style clothing if you want to join the performance and you’re welcome to dress up in the workshop as well!

CALANEYA | Dramatic Slow Skirt Dialect
12:00 – 13:45 | 02CA | Open

Get to know the exciting and versatile Calaneya Skirt Dialect and add an extra layer of drama to your dance vocabulary! The classic 25 or 35 yard skirt is a beautiful prop in the FCBD Style Movement Dialect and goes perfectly with slow steps. Sometimes it flies dramatically through the air, sometimes it gently wraps around your body. In this workshop you will get to know and deepen the Calaneya Slow Skirt Dialect. You will learn different ways of picking up the skirt, dancing FatChanceBellyDance style slow steps as well as Devi Mamak steps with the skirt and incorporating them into your improvisation.

NAKARI | Improv Dialects Performance Creation
14:00 – 15:45 | 02NA | Intermediate

Join us for a creation of an overarching performance set that embodies the spirit and story of Caravanseray! We will surround ourselves with the elements of creation and pour the ingredients into our dance, flowing together and weaving the tapestry of all that our festival embodies. The Oasis of Dreams, our outdoor show on Sunday evening will be our stage, set in nature and at the same time at the heart of the city. Earth, Fire, Water, Air will infuse our movements and honor all that are present, those have come before us and those that will follow. The story of Caravanseray is one of travelers and artists flowing like streams and rivers into the sea, bringing their energy, their art, their gifts and sharing it with the community where each individual is seen and appreciated, all together bonded by passion for the dance, complementing and supporting each other. We will mirror this spirit by joining together from various improvisational styles and dialects, all are welcome. The movements will fill the container of the performance and connect the story via formation changes, timing and positioning, so do not worry about your improvisational style or dialect, or dance experience.

Please bring clothes in CarVie23 colors for performing – mint & dark blue would be best, but anything in the blue color spectrum and blue-green shade will work fine. Style doesn’t matter, could be training clothes, ATS or Fusion style costume, or any kind of mix & match.

VALENTEENA IANNI | Karma Echoes Combo Party
16:00 – 17:45 | 02VI | Open

Karma Echoes – A Combo Party! Valenteena will present new Fusion Bellydance combinations specifically created for CarVie that will be added to her Karma Echoes collection. These new combinations (or Echoes) can be used as a tool in choreography, improvisation (solo or group) or in any way you desire! Valenteena’s Echoes form a vocabulary of combinations each of which has its name, counts and specific technique. The goal of Karma Echoes is to provide new inspiration in your dance. Practicing and using these combinations over the time will bring clarity, fluidity and a better sense of musicality in Fusion Bellydance. Ready to party?