See the artistic and aesthetic side of Vienna, perfect for gathering inspiration and taking artsy instagram selfies – experience the nature-inspired creations of Hundertwasser, learn about the history of the city at the Museum of Vienna, visit empress Sissi at Schönbrunn, dive into the treasure trove of art at MuseumsQuartier, Galerie Belvedere and Art History Museum. Visit the green oasis of Stadtpark, or be transported to the exotic wilderness at Haus des Meeres.

Your sweet tooth and nostalgic soul will be satisfied by the traditional court patisiers of Vienna! Gerstner is where Doro used to make chocolates before she went on to dancing full time, and she can totally recommend a few specialties, like almond heaps (Mandelhäufchen), Sacher cake (Sachertorte), poppy cake (Mohntorte), and the even better and also healthier than your common cheesecake – quark cake (Topfentorte)! It‘s directly vis-a-vis from the wold famous Staatsoper in the historical Palais Todesco and open everyday till 23:00. Another recommendation is Demel with their ‚original‘ Sacher cake. For the authentic Viennese coffeehouse culture, sit down at a table at Cafe Central and have a relaxed couple of hours, if you come in the evening you can enjoy your cup of coffee and the yummy ‚peanuts caramel‘ with live piano music.


For coffee purists there is no better place than the oldest roastery in Vienna, Alt Wien. Third wave coffee houses are shooting from the ground all around the city, for example Brass Monkey with their cupcakes, People On Caffeine with amazing filter bar, or Coffee Pirates with yummy dirty chai.

The hot summer days are calling for a cooldown, and we know where you can find the best icecold refreshment! For icecream made from organic ingredients by Austrian farmers, go to Eisgreissler. For delicious vegan icecream, go to Veganista. For the best frozen yoghurt with myriad of toppings, go to Kurt. For a traditional icecream salon with a specialty, the icecream apricot dumplings, go to Eissalon Tichy.

Do not leave Vienna without tasting the holy trinity of Viennese sweets: Sachertorte, Mannerschnitten, Mozartkugeln!

For bigger hunger and creative itch, go to OmNomNom Burger and choose ingredients to create your own burger, or visit Swing Kitchen for delicious vegan alternative. The oldest beer brewery in Vienna Fischerbräu is the best place to enjoy a schnitzel and a cold beer. Smaller hunger will be satisfied at Joseph Brot bakery and bistro.


If you rather want to see Vienna from above, you can take a stroll up the green hill of Schönbrunn castle park to Gloriette, or take the lift up to the Stephen‘s Cathedral Tower. For a coffee or a snack with a view, check out the Bar and Lounge Dachboden on the roof of 25hours hotel, the Cafe Oben on top of the city library, or the cafe on top of Haus des Meeres building. For a bigger picture, you may travel a bit farther to Kahlenberg.

Tribal Bellydancer in Vienna can spend hours at fabrics store Komolka, then go pick out beautiful trims and ribbons at Hans Peter Söhne, followed by bulk shopping at fabrics store Textil Müller. However, our favourite hunting ground is the Naschmarkt fleamarket taking place every Saturday – go early to catch the best bargains, and then come happy and satisfied to the first workshop of the day ;) To conclude the day, sit down and enjoy a shisha at Tolerance shisha & cocktail bar.


The adventurers with no fear of heights are encouraged to try the forest rope park Waldseilpark Kahlenberg, or dare to fly the fox and free-fall at Spider-Rockwatch Flo jump with sound on! For the lovers of speed and adrenaline, the amusement park in Prater is the best address to spend a few hours trying out the various rides.

For more interesting tips on how to spend your time in Vienna, check out the Secret Vienna blog. If you are looking for something specific that is not on this list, don‘t hesitate to ask!