Modern interpretation of an ancient dance: Caravanseray Vienna Tribal Bellydance Festival Vienna, June 2023

Experience bellydance in a completely new way: Tribal Style Bellydance, the modern interpretation of an ancient dance. The 13. Caravanseray Vienna festival in the end of August brings the stars of the international Tribal Bellydance scene to Vienna. The Caravanseray Show on Friday 23.6., 19:30 shows the Viennese audience the wide variety of this fascinating dance style. Dance enthusiasts of all levels can join the workshops on 23.-26.6. to work on their shimmies, hip bumps and bellyrolls. The various socials and activities in the city, the outdoor party and the Bazaar full of jewellery and costuming accessoires round up the festival offer.

Tribal Style is a modern development of Bellydance created in the 1970s in the USA. It fuses various dance styles from India, North Africa, Spain all the way to the Balkans with modern styles like Hip-Hop, Jazz and Contemporary. It is sometimes called ‘the dark side of bellydance’ and the dancers are seen as ‘the punkrockers of the bellydance scene’. Tribal Style Bellydance transcends the borders of dance styles and countries, and delights audiences with its fusion of ancient archetypes and modern form of expression.

Caravanseray Vienna 2023 is a four-day international Tribal Bellydance festival with eight dance workshops and three performance evenings taking place in Vienna in its thirteenth edition.