Evening City Walk

Saturday, 22nd June 2024
Starting Point: Sportcenter Praterstern, Hauptalle 2a
Start: 18:30 | End: about 20:00

Our evening City Walk takes place on Saturday evening, starting at 18:30 from our studio location at Praterstern and ending around 20:00 at the famous Viennese open air food market full of amazing restaurants where you can grab a bite to eat. After filling our bellies we will head out into the night, in search of party, chill bar, or our own beds, whichever you choose! If you want to join us later, you can do so at the Naschmarkt after 20:00 and we’ll post the nightlife location in the Caravanseray Vienna Family Group when we head out!

ChillOut Danube river splash

Sunday, 23rd June 2024
Meet at: Usus am Wasser, An der Neuen Donau 1
Start: 18:30

On Sunday evening we’ll reward ourselves with Chill Out at the Danube river, so bring your swimming suits and towels! „Usus am Wasser“ is a location right at the waterfront with beach food and drinks, music and plenty of space to chill out, dance or swim! You can come with us from the studio after Amy’s intensive or join us at the Danube from 18:30, the location is a short walk from the U6 Neue Donau.
Please don’t get lost at Donauinselfest – it’s a free event taking place the whole weekend on the Donauinsel (the Danube Island). Public transportation might be a little bit more full than usual and might take a little bit longer. Please be patient and message us if you get lost in the crowd.